Thursday, February 12, 2015

City Engagement News


In our efforts to educate residents of Santa Rosa about the workings of local government, I want to announce a new feature of the blog.

As many of you know, the City's website allows us to view the Council in action, either live or by viewing the videotape later.  Those who follow the workings of the Council have often agreed that some presentations and announcements ought to be seen by more than just the regular council watchers.  Information is presented about the City's services, about the people who make the City special, and about issues which the Council seeks widespread community feedback.

So we are going to periodically create a post called "Council Video News".

If you have some time to learn about your City, here are the first presentations which seem to qualify.  The link will take you to the city's video viewer, and begin at the point where the presentation begins.  It won't end until you end it yourself, but feel free to continue watching and learning.

S.R. Affordable Housing Study Session, Oct 20, 2015
Santa Rosa Homeless Services
Downtown Square Reunification
Proclamations: 2015 Chinese New Year - Year of the Ram, Black History Month
Council Member and Mayor Appointments
Award of Community Advisory Board 2014-15 Community Improvement Grants

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